Improvement of access to justice

The aim of this sub-component is to enhance access to justice by contributing to a better national and thematic coverage of legal aid services and by supporting agencies in overcoming systemic hindrances in the provision of legal aid.

The DGF support is aimed at addressing challenges faces in delivering justice through the state brief system, legal representation at court, legal counseling, the role of paralegals, assistance to indigent members of society in accessing justice (particularly women), legal education and sensitization, advocacy for legal aid interventions, advocacy for amendments or proper application of legal and judicial procedures, lobbying of policy makers and lobbying for the enforcement of legal aid related constitutional rights (e.g. right to a fair hearing).

Beyond increasing availability of legal aid services throughout Uganda, a deliberate effort is being made to ensure that the design, implementation and monitoring of services can be accessed by those who need the services most. Particular emphasis is given to the issues of land justice and gender equality. Our efforts are also focused on promoting the use of informal justice mechanisms and Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR).


  1. Legal aid services rendered available throughout the country.
  2.  Access to justice improved especially for the poor deprived and vulnerable people.
  3.  Transitional Justice Mechanisms related to justice enhance.