The structure that houses Kaiti Health Centre in Magada Health Centre- Namutumba District stands firm and beautiful today.It is a far cry from the previous structure that had cracked walls and floors and had proved to be a danger to surrounding communities that regularly came... read more

Eight miles through unwinding forests and plantations of sugarcane, the DGF team met 60 year old Nyakaisiki Mary at Kisuga trading centre in Masindi District.he was relaxing with her two favourite friends, 31 years old Dolica Nyakiri and 51 years old Margaret Birembio at the... read more

Adolescent girls in Uganda face numerous challenges due to ignorance of their inherent rights including the right to education and sexual and reproductive health knowledge, among others.

African norms position boy children above the girl child and in... read more

Margaret Agwang from Owukot village, Gogonyo subcounty in Pallisa district understands her rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Uganda.She was privileged like many women in her village to be sensitised by the Pallisa Civil Society Network (PACONET) on her civic rights.... read more

Like most parts of Uganda, Kapchorwa District has had a turbulent electoral history. Political contenders faced challenges of narrow political space for competition and deep animosity amongst competitors. Often, those in power would not consent to fair competition with their... read more

She is tall and lanky but swift with the speed of a 16 year old girl. Her speech is just as fast, but no one misses a word she speaks as each word is attached to value. As we sat patiently waiting to interview her, she rushed about the village inviting local leaders to attend... read more

It is 8:30am and guests are streaming into his office. Most of them are elderly people, school pupils, teachers, politicians,district offi cials and the other citizens, all queuing up to meet him. At the extreme corner of his office, awards of various sizes and shapes are... read more

The highly contested 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections were concluded in February 2016.Prior to the elections, little was done by the Ugandan citizenry, policy makers, and Development Partners on Uganda’s weak regulatory framework for campaign financing.

... read more

Esau Rwamitoma is not an ordinary farmer. Although he lives in the remote hills of Mitooma village on the outskirts of Rukungiri district, he has big dreams and plans that are visibly taking shape in his surroundingst the age of 35 years, he owns a house and is well on his way to wealth creation... read more

Torture is one of the most painful experiences that feature in the testimonies of victims and survivors of armed confl ict(s) in Northern Uganda. Canogura Denis, a father of 3, is a victim and survivor of torture and a benefi ciary of physical repair and psychological support... read more