“There is no institution in Uganda that teaches parliamentary affairs and probably none in the whole of East Africa. We have in the past had to send both the parliamentary staff and Members of Parliament to the House of Commons in UK. The cost of training one individual is so constraining that... read more

64 year-old Tezera Obbo does not take for granted the fact that at the end of every day, she retires to her matrimonial home; a simple two bedroomed house in Kirombe village, Luzira where she has lived with her husband and 16 children since 1989. Until May 2014 when she won a suit against her... read more

It’s a sunny Monday afternoon when a team from DGF visits the maternity ward at Kagadi Hospital. There, one young man stands out amidst the rows of beds with new and expectant mothers. 32 year old Ronald Tumusiime roams the corridors freely, greeting and later introducing the team to medical... read more

Residents of Nambieso Sub County in Apac District frequently hold village meetings during which updates on developments are shared and issues affecting the community are raised and discussed. It was in one such meeting held in November 2013 that village Independent Budget Monitors (IBMs) raised... read more

76 year old Mary Christine Ariokot lives a largely quiet life in Acowa Village in Amuria district with her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. Her homestead of two huts is surrounded by farm land on which she grows cassava and other crops to sustain her family. A few meters from her hut, a... read more

While the Uganda government policy does not support child delivery at Health Center (HC) IIs, the reality is that many a mother deliver at the HCII for a variety of reasons most outstanding being the long distances from their homes to the HCIII where delivery facilities should typically be... read more

Mzee Muswa Bishala is not your typical 70 year old man; he walks tall and proud without a cane or the slightest hint of a slow gait characteristic of most men of his age. It is with this same pride that the village elder in Panymur Sub County in Nebbi District shows off his fields, blooming with... read more

Joseph Okodan is a good-natured 34 year old prison officer at Kole Prison where he also serves as a Human Rights Advocate, providing basic legal support and advice to the inmates at the prison and functioning as a link between them and the community.

On any given day, his work involves... read more

Statistical data gathered by the Paralegal Advisory Services (PAS) indicates that pre-trial inmates comprise a staggering 53% of the prison population, higher that than those serving sentences.  In light of this, PAS has since 2005 worked with paralegals and Social Workers to provide basic legal... read more

In 2008 the World Bank partnered with Uganda’s Ministry of Education to support construction of primary and secondary school classrooms and staff houses. While the project was implemented well in many districts, in Bundibugyo there were a number of examples of malpractices which were unearthed... read more