Stakeholder Dialogue Exposes and Halts Distribution of Expired Tuberculosis Drugs in Masindi District

When communities in Masindi District started complaining of receiving expired tuberculosis (TB) drugs from The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) - Masindi branch, the Masindi District Forum for HIV/AIDs did not take this lightly. In partnership with the National Forum of People Living with HIV/AIDS Networks in Uganda (NAFOPHANU), a DGF partner, it organized a district meeting that exposed several gaps in the district hospital, TASO and the district health centres. These gaps included the distribution of expired TB drugs, misdiagnoses of patients and the use of a non-functional sterilizer at the district hospital.

These issues were assessed, documented and taken up by NAFOPHANU for national dialogue. The organisation further held a national stakeholder dialogue at the Consortium of Arts Therapy (CAT) in Kampala. This meeting attracted key national stakeholders in the health sector including the National Medical Stores (NMS), the body responsible for the procurement and distribution of drugs to government supported hospitals. The Presidential Adviser on Health and the management of NMS took up this case. They worked together with key stakeholders to ensure close monitoring, supervision, storage and distribution of drugs in the district. This eventually halted the distribution of the expired drugs.