A Widow’s Dignity Is Restored as Her Demolished House Is Rebuilt

Initially, when the DGF team met her, all she was able to say was that “the organisation that helped me wipe away my tears”.

46-year-old Zurumina Basitire and mother of 5, was married 130kms away from her family. When her husband died, and sicknesses set in, she decided to return home and seek support and refuge among her brothers. To her utmost disappointment, when she erected a semi-permanent 2 room house on her father’s land to live in with her youngest son, her brother went up in arms and demolished her house.

Considering that she could not get support from her husband’s brothers, she insisted on staying and sought the support of the clan, police, local leaders or whoever could help her to have her house a tranquil living returned. She sought redress from “Help the Crying Voices”, a Community Based Organisation working in collaboration with Western Ankole Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) a DGF partner to help communities realize their rights.

With the support of “Help the Crying voices” Zurumina shared her dilemma at a “People’s Parliament” organized by WACSOF. She walked 24 kilometres to the event to ensure her issue was heard. The gathering was well attended by law enforcement officials, government officials and politicians. The L C 1 Chairman of her area, who also attended the gathering, later organized another meeting where it was decided that Zirumina’s brother should rebuild her house. Recognising his mistake, Zurumina’s brother sought her forgiveness and re-built her house. He also prepared lunch for Zurumina and her family. Since then, they are all living happily as one family.