The DGF runs a roster for consultants and welcomes submission of CVs and profiles from interested individuals and firms. The profiles should include areas of expertise, past experience, and references. The areas under consideration include:

  1. Financial Management & Fiduciary Risks
  2. Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Social Accountability
  5. Gender Mainstreaming
  6. ICT for Governance & Accountability
  7. Media Development
  8. Oil Governance
  9. Civic Education
  10. Land Justice
  11. Human Rights Monitoring
  12. Access to Justice
  13. Peace Building, Conflict & Reconciliation
  14. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  15. Public Expenditure Review & Budget Monitoring
  16. Capacity Assessment & Organizational Development
  17. Information, Communication & Knowledge Management
  18. Political Economy
  19. Baseline & Social Research
  20. Strategic planning

Please be advised that your profiles will be subjected to DGF’s internal review processes. In addition, your inclusion on the roster does not, in any way, guarantee award of a consultancy. Those interested should submit their signed CVs and profiles to: