Validation of Draft Mid-Term Assessment of UPR Recommendations on HRDs

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Metropole Hotel, Kampala

The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda (NCHRD-U) has organised a key stakeholder assessment validation meeting to review the draft mid-term findings on the State’s progress in implementation of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) 2nd cycle recommendation on Human Rights Defenders (HRDs).

Meeting Objectives: 

  1. To share findings of the assessment of Uganda’s progress towards implementing HRD recommendations.
  2. To review and discuss draft findings with a view of further enriching the assessment.
  3. To generate consensus on key issues raised from the assessment and map out agreed positions on recommendations.

Target Participants:

Members of Parliament, HRDs, civil society organisations, the Media, representatives from the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Uganda Police Force, Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces and key development partners.