DGF Steering Committee Members' Visit to Implementing Partners in Western Uganda, 7th - 8th May 2018

The Launch of the Second Phase of DGF (2018 - 2022)

150 Delegates attend 5th Human Rights Defenders Forum-22nd March 2017

Makerere Sucessfully defends Inter-University Human Rights Award-10th March 2017

DGF Legal Aid Partners to support the National Community Service Programme- 10th March 2017

5th DGF Partnership Conference-30th Nov-3rd December 2016

Gulu Anti-Corruption week Celebrations-8th December 2016

Uganda Debt Network (UDN) launches Dossier on corruption-6th December 2016

Rwenzori Anti- Corruption week celebration-6th December 2016

CSOs Campaign to Dislodge MP’s move to avoid income tax-15th Nov 2016