Corruption Perceptions Index 2019: Uganda Scores Below Average in Corruption Fight

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2019 indicates that more than two-thirds of countries across the globe, including Uganda, are not progressing in their anti-corruption efforts.

Released by Transparency International on January 23, 2020, in Kampala, the report rates 180 countries globally, out of which Denmark ranks highest at 87% score while Uganda ranks the 137th at 28% score. More than two-thirds of the countries scored below 50%.

The report attributes the growing corruption trends to the increased use of money in election processes. It indicates that countries where campaign finance regulations are comprehensive and systematically enforced have an average score of 70%, whereas countries where such regulations either don’t exist or are poorly enforced score an average of 34% and 35% respectively. 60% of the countries that significantly improved their CPI scores since 2012 also strengthened regulations around campaign donations.

In her remarks at the launch of the report, Ms Jennipher Angeyo, the Head of Legal Department at the Electoral Commission acknowledged that lack of campaign financing regulations is gap in Uganda’s election processes. She appreciated efforts by civil society in advocating for the enactment of an elections campaign finance legislation to regulate campaign financing.

Mr Gideon Badagawa, the Executive Director of Private Sector Foundation called for the empowerment of the anti-corruption institutions to operate independently in executing their mandates.

H.E Nicolaj Heiberg Petersen, the Ambassador of Denmark, who officially launched the report on behalf of the DGF, encouraged Ugandans to own and participate in the fight against corruption. He noted that studies indicate that most Ugandans do not report corruption because they either fear retaliation or lack conviction that they can make a difference. He challenged citizens to change this attitude, and play their role by reporting any corruption cases.

Transparency International Uganda with support from the DGF implements a project aimed at strengthening citizens’ engagement in Government accountability and natural resource governance. The project seeks to empower citizens to make their leaders accountable in the effective management of public and natural resources in order to ensure improved service delivery and natural resource governance.

To access the full report, please click: Corruption Perceptions Index 2019