Danish Ambassador visits Teso Anti-corruption Coalition

On 26th July 2016, H.E Mogens Pedersen, DGF Board member and the Ambassador of Denmark to Uganda paid an informal visit to Teso Anti-corruption Coalition (TAC), a DGF Local Accountability Partner that operates in Teso Region. The Ambassador held various discussions with TAC staff on aspects of the TAC project on “securing inclusive voice” that is funded by the DGF.  

The discussions revolved around the design, strategies, scope and targets of the project as well as the project activities and how they are delivered. Deliberations also included how TAC natures good relationships with district authorities, how it deals with issues such as Teacher absenteeism caused by poor pay and lack of adequate facilities and its engagement with other agencies like the Justice and Law Sector, the Inspectorate of Government and Uganda Human Rights Commission.

While discussing the future aspirations of TAC, the Ambassador encouraged them to work closely with non-conventional Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) such as Trade Unions (UNATU), Farmer Associations (especially with the issue of inputs affecting quality of agriculture) and professional bodies such as Medical Council and Engineers bodies. TAC committed to conduct mapping of all these relevant bodies and engage them in implementation of all its programmes.

The Ambassador appreciated the work of TAC and pledged DGF’s continued support to the organization.