Report on Ugandan Perspectives on the Oil and Gas Sector Launched

On 27th February, 2020, Maendeleo ya Jamii (MYJ) and the Albertine Graben Oil and Gas Districts Association (AGODA) launched a research report titled: '"Ugandan Perspectives on Oil and Gas: Extending Opportunities for Multi-stakeholder Engagement".

Launched by the Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, H.E Elin Østebø Johansen, on behalf of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), the report gives a snapshot of perceptions of various sections of Uganda's population affected by the oil and gas sector as well as the challenges faced by those residing in these oil rich areas, and their recommendations to ensure that the sector is beneficial to all Ugandans.

MYJ produced this report as part of its ongoing project titled: "Elevating Local Priorities in Uganda's Petroleum Development", funded by the DGF. The project seeks to improve responsiveness of duty bearers and rights holders towards women and men; and to develop the competencies of sub-national associations to actively pursue their issue based interests in a manner that is sustainable.

To access the full report please click: Ugandan Perspectives on the Oil and Gas