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4 Sep 2017

DGF has completed the first step of the CfP Process where interested CSO and State applicants submitted an Expression of Interest by 11 August, 4pm.

The DGF Programme Management Unit (PMU) received 435 Expressions of Interest on time as per the deadline.  An additional 156 were received after the deadline and were therefore disqualified.  Of the EoIs received on time:

  • 178 were deemed ineligible (did not submit the required documents, did not have the correct registration, were duplicates of an eligible application, or were support documents without an EoI)
  • 257 met all of the eligibility requirements and were passed to the 4 panels for evaluation.

The eligible EoIs are currently being evaluated by the panels.  Each panel consists of 5 members – 3 DGF PMU staff and 2 external experts.  Each EoI is scored individually by each panel member and these scores will be averaged to determine the ranking of the EoI within the primary AoI selected.

Following the panel ranking and recommendations, the PMU will present a long list to the Steering Committee for consideration and the Steering Committee will approve a short-list.  Those short-listed will be invited to the next stage of the process which is the pre-grant assessments.  Following the pre-grant assessment, all selected organizations or institutions which have passed the assessment will be invited to a proposal development workshop.

As indicated in the guidelines, the anticipated timeline is as follows:



Information to applicants which have passed the first stage of selection on the results from the evaluation of the EoIs

5th October 2017

Pre-Grant Assessment

October 2017

Invitation to selected applicants to participate in the project development workshops and prepare full proposals

November 2017

Proposal development process

November 2017 – February 2018

Signature of Partnership Agreements

Upon successful completion of a quality proposal and budget – December 2017 – March 2018

Projects Commence

January – April 2018



We appreciate your interest in the DGF EoI