DGF Feedback Mechanism

The Donors of the DGF have a zero tolerance towards corruption and do not accept irregularities in the management of their resources. If you have concerns about irregularities or would like to provide feedback to the donors of the DGF, we urge you to do so by contacting the Royal Danish Embassy in Kampala on kampalafeedback@um.dk or through the Danida Transparency website.


Your report will be looked into by relevant staff of the Danida’s Anti-corruption Team. Your report will be treated with confidentiality under the Limitations of the Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act. This means that in certain situations, Danida cannot proceed with an investigation of the irregularities that you have reported because we may prioritise your safety.


You can choose to remain anonymous and we will respect that. However, an investigation can be more difficult to undertake if it is based on an anonymous report.


What actions are taken?
Once a case has been identified, a procedure is initiated to probe the case and to halt any further similar misuse. As part of the process, Danida will seek to take responsibility to decide whether to proceed with a local police report and determine the degree of claims for reimbursement of funds. The result of the investigation may consequently mean a stop to the cooperation with the partner in question.