Organisation Structure

The governance and management structure of the facility includes a Board, a Steering Committee and a Facility Management Unit. The DGF Board determines the overall strategy and direction for the DGF. It is composed of the Heads of Mission (HoMs) of the Development Partners' providing funding to the DGF.

The Steering Committee (SC) is composed of representatives of of all DP contributors (funders) to the programme. The main functions of the SC is to provide oversight of, and give impetus to, the implementation of interventions according to the strategic direction provided by the Board

The Facility Management Unit (FMU) is the operational entity of the DGF II. The FMU is led by a Head of Facility (HoF) who has the overall responsibility for the management of planning, implementation and documentation of DGF II operations. The HoF reports directly to the Steering Committee Chair.


Board Members

Board Members

H.E. Signe Winding Albjerg
Ambassador, Denmark

H.E. Karin Boven
Ambassador, The Netherlands

H.E. Kevin Colgan
Ambassador, Ireland

H.E. Maria Håkansson
Ambassador, Sweden

H.E. Elin Østebø Johansen
(Chair) Ambassador, Norway

Hon. Matia Kasaija
Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda

Hon. Kiryowa Kiwanuka
Attorney General, Uganda

H.E. Roswitha Kremser
Head of Office, Austria

Gen. Jeje Odongo Abubakhar
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Uganda

Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire
Minister of Internal Affairs, Uganda

H.E. Jan Sadek
Head of Delegation, European Union

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee Members

Facility Management Unit Staff

Facility Management Unit Staff