Brief Profile: 

Masindi District NGO Forum (MDNF) is a regional civil society network that was founded and registered in 199. MDNF over time has been making interventions on Human rights monitoring and advocacy; Policy Research and Advocacy; Anti-corruption campaign; Access to Information; Publicity of democratic, social, economic & political rights in collaboration with media houses; Public expenditure tracking; Environmental sustainability; Sustainable Development of the oil sector in Uganda; Networking and collaboration with like-minded institutions; Capacity building for communities, CSOs and other community based stakeholders on community based development.

Project Title

Strengthening Citizens Participation in Democratic and Accountability Processes in Bunyoro Sub-region

Project Description

The project focuses on enhancing civic awareness on democratic rights in order to strengthen citizen participation in monitoring and engaging duty bearers in the sectors of education, health and roads. The project scales up coverage in project implementation, replication and utilization of lessons learnt with focus on project sustainability.

Geographical coverage

Hoima, Kiryandongo and Masindi districts