Brief Profile: 

The Uganda Law Council is a body established by the Advocates Act, Cap. 267 (as amended). It is charged with the mandate of regulating the legal profession and legal aid service provision to indigent persons in Uganda. One of the functions of the Law Council under the Advocates (Legal Aid to Indigent Persons) Regulations, 2007 is to exercise general supervision and control over the provision of legal aid and advice to indigent persons.

Project title: Regulation of Legal Aid and Pro Bono

Brief description: The Law Council has a legal mandate to regulate and supervise legal aid provision in Uganda. Under this project, ULC will contribute to enhancing the quality and standards for legal aid service delivery by enhancing the capacity of the Law Council to regulate and supervise legal aid service providers; contributing to improving the quality, standards and distribution of legal aid services; enhancing provision of quality legal aid services to indigent persons; and maintaining standards of the legal profession in legal aid service provision;

Geographical area: National