Brief Profile: 

Western Ankole Civil Society Forum - WACSOF is a Sub-National Platform for Citizens’ Organisations operating in the Ankole Sub-region, Western Uganda. WACSOF was established in November 2005 and registered as a Non-Governmental Organization. The Membership is comprised of Citizens Organisations in their diversity, including Non-Governmental Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Farmers Associations, Women and Youth Organisations and other not-for-profit associations. WACSOF works to promote social justice, democratic participation and human dignity. WACSOF’s exists to fulfill its mission of “to provide a platform for citizens in the Ankole Region to develop consensus on critical governance and development issues and influence their attainment.”

Project Title

Strengthening citizens voices for better governance and a corrupt free society

Project Description

The overall purpose of the 18 month project is to mobilise men and women in the 5 districts of Ankole to actively and effectively engage in contributing to better governance and a corrupt free. This project has the specific objectives of increasing the level of awareness, knowledge and confidence amongst citizens in the 5 districts of Ankole on their rights as well as responsibilities for meaningful and informed participation in development and political processes and empowering communities to engage with and influence government policies and priorities to respond to citizens demands and aspirations. To achieve its outcomes, the project will; conduct strategic and evidenced based advocacy and lobbying, hold community based awareness clinics, community based monitoring of service delivery, conduct regional sharing and learning for its members, hold citizens and leader’s fora.

Geographical coverage

Bushenyi, Sheema, Mitooma, Mbarara and Isingiro districts in Ankole region